Thursday, November 14, 2013


PT. NUTRICIA MEDICAL NUTRITION (Danone Groupe) is a grow up company that leads and has advanced products in medical nutrition.
We are looking for a dedicated person as SFE Admin to work together with us.


  • Fresh Grad 
  • IT Bachelor Graduate from reputable university (Math and Statistic Major are welcome to apply)
  • Female
  • Have a good knowledge of IT system, math, or statistic
  • Dynamic, hard, and fast working
  • Fluent in English (Both Oral and Written)
Submit your CV to or with subject "SFE Admin Application Letter"

Kindly spread this information to your family, friends, and colleagues.

Thanks :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

6 Hal Kenapa Harus 12-12-12

Hari ini tanggal 12 bulan 12 tahun duaribu12.
Kembar tiga angka cantik. Tapi, kenapa kalau kembar tiga lantas dibilang cantik?
Oh, mungkin karena langka. Jadi kalau langka itu cantik. Tapi tidak semua yang langka dibilang cantik.
Contohnya, Omas. Mukanya langka tapi tidak lantas membuat semua orang bilang dia cantik dan mau seperti dia. Semoga beliau enggak baca blog saya ini. (Emangnya ada yang baca ya? hahaha)

Tentang angka cantik dan langka menurut saya lebih cantik dan lebih langka 20-12-2012. Karena tanggal memang lebih bagus dan akurat kalau dilihat lengkap begitu kan. Coba nanti juga 100 tahun lagi ada tuh angka cantik 12-12-12 tapi tahunnya 2112.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Where Have You Been?

Hi, I know it's been more than a year not to write again here.
Feels like forever..
I miss you so much my blog!!! *kissalot*

The funniest thing is my last post was also about why I didn't write too for a long time.
OMG, I'm that lazy huh?

Okay, let's start a new day.. I'm gonna explain what I've been doing for a year.
Let's do it fast..

I continued my study to Profession Level for 'Ners' title...(ahh those crazy times, tasks, and of course the EXAMS!!!)
Helloooooow, these are Medical-Surgical Nursing Stage :o

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hollaa..Long Time No See. (^.^)

Wow, it's almost 3 months I didn't update this blog.
Oh God! What did I do in those times?
There are plenty of stories to tell and here are some..

Well, now I already got a title behind my name, yeaayyy!
S.Kep which is abbreviation to Sarjana Keperawatan (title for Nursing Bachelor Degree)
I have passed the first of three months by finishing my research as one of requirement for graduation.
Well, I did the research with my team (Nauli, Ikha, and Kak Titi). We, as a team, made a research about the Knowledge of Clean and Healthy Life Behaviour (Perilaku Hidup Bersih dan Sehat/PHBS) of School-Age Children, especially in Depok.
Generally, the result showed that School-Age Children in Depok already have a good knowledge about Clean and Healthy Life Behaviour. Then, after we finished with the research we also have to published the result. Well, a research should be published so people know your research and can make it as a reference for another research (which is related to yours).
The Reasearch and The Team

Besides I also joined with my friends in Sabantara Community